Year: 1997

This mold-blown piece of furniture is characterized by its organic form and multi-functional versatility. Depending on requirements and situation it can be used as a chair, armchair, two-seater, bench, or side table.

Material: polypropylene

Colors: black, white, orange, pink, blue, dark blue

Manufacturer: Innovation Randers, DK, 1998–2008

Last year, Ev detailed our commitment to strengthening writer discovery, enabling readers to “serendipitously find stories they wouldn’t have otherwise.” In that spirit, we’ve launched blogrolls, a new feature that connects readers and writers in more visible and meaningful ways. Before getting into the details, here’s a little background on blogrolls for those unfamiliar with the term:

The term blogroll comes from the early days of blogging, when bloggers would often include a list of useful links on their blog (it was literally a roll call of your favorite links. hence, blogroll). It sounds simple, but before search and social…

Designed For Sueki Uchida, Circa 1970

Sam Jayne

Design @ Medium — Previously the creative director at Cove & Seed. Former art director at Axios and MIT Technology Review.

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